Get the Best in Freight Transportation Services on the West Coast

Freight Transportation Services on the West Coast

Our goal is to help simplify complicated shipments with our exceptional staff. We specialize in LTL and furniture transport in the West Coast, but we also offer a wide range of freight transportation solutions that utilize various transportation modes.

Our shipping services include:

  • Full Truckload: We offer cost effective full truckload freight transportation services. You can rely on our equipment and flexible plans to meet your unique needs in the most efficient way.
  • Less than Truckload (LTL): If you have a skid or half a truck to move, our team of professionals can help you ship it with our quality service at a convenient price.
  • Furniture Transport Services: Our staff is proficient in helping you with getting your furniture cargo safely and quickly from point A to B. Since our inception in 2007, we have been providing quality furniture transportation services, so you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is in experienced hands.
  • Logistics Services: We pride ourselves as an end to end freight transportation services company. You can rely on us to help you manage your shipping and delivery business.
  • Intermodal Rail & Drayage: If your cargo requires intermodal shipment, it means that it requires more than one mode of transportation. Our direct partnership with major rail freight companies means that we can offer you full intermodal (truck-rail-truck) terminal services.
  • Power Only: If you need a driver and a truck to help move any type of trailer with a trailer mount, we can also help you with that.
  • Dedicated Routes: With our dedicated routes service you can entrust your regular shipments to our professional team.
  • Specialized Logistics: Does your cargo need to be covered or are you concerned about the packaging of your cargo? Our specialized logistics service provides you with blankets, load bars, straps, etc., to help with this.
  • Expedited Service: If your shipment is time sensitive, our expedited freight transportation service can get your cargo where it needs to be safely and on time.

If you are ready to work with a freight transportation services company you can trust, give us a call at 360-954-5997 to learn more about our freight services and transportation solutions that we offer in the West Coast.

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West Coast Freight Transportation Services & Furniture Transport

At Rapid Freight, we have been providing our valued customers with professional and quality freight transportation services for over 10 years. Since our inception in 2007, we have remained committed to providing only the best in both customer support and service delivery. Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your shipments are handled with the utmost proficiency.

We strive to always exemplify our competence in the different freight transportation services that we offer; whether it is in our furniture transport services or in our logistics services.

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If you need reliable freight transportation services on the West Coast, call us today at 360-954-5997 to learn more about our freight shipping services or use our convenient online form to request your free quote!